Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What I Wore: smells that remind

Shirt: DEB (similar), Bracelets: Nordsrom Shoes: TOMS, Jeans: Macy's

Hello Friends! I'm here! I've been a little bit busy lately! I'm sure that happens to you too!
I wanted to ask you this, maybe I've asked it before and this might sound weird but, do you have a certain smell that reminds you of something. Like for me the Bath and Body Works "Cinnamon Pumpkin" smell reminds me of Paris and the "Be Enchanted" smell reminds me of my old job. Is that weird? I think I kind of like it! I like remembering the good times! Maybe you have a smell that reminds you of something? I know I'm not crazy (:

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Kadie Dahl said...

I just passed an award on to you! Come visit and check it out! dahlingkadie.blogspot.com

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