Thanks for checking out my Sponsor page!
Right now I'm looking to team up with some great bloggers that appeal to myself and my readers!

over 2,500 page views a month,
(doesn't seem lime much but, I'm a small blog)
Over 170 GFC Followers
Five posts per week
(Updated June 5, 2012)

promote your blog with a giveaway or discount
Sponsors have the opportunity to be a part of a giveaway or to have their own giveaways on the blog. These giveaways must coincide with the atmosphere of the blog and must appeal to my readers.

promote your blog with an item
I accept clothing and accessories from sponsors and non-sponsors. If you are looking to promote your shop or have a clothing line you can send me your item and I will write up a true honest review about the product.

For inquires about sponsoring Impractical Composition sent an email to

subject line: Sponsor

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