Monday, May 21, 2012

Prevyet MMT readers, prevyette means 'hi' in Russian. Look at me I think I'm all that because I know Russian... eh, I was really just trying to grab your attention and make you think I'm cool!! I am trying to learn Russian though (;  Anyhoo, I'm Alyssa and I blog over @ Impractical Composition, a little blog about my life and the things that take place in the life of an average somebody. I like to blog about being positive because I know negativity never gets anyone anywhere and it's always best to stay positive!  I want to talk to you about my me time, what it is and why I love it so!

What do you do for your “me” time?
There are so many hobbies that I have it is hard for me to chose just one so I'm going to share a few! One of my favorite me time activities is crochetting. In my me I really like to crochet while watching Teen Mom or The Office.  I'm a mulittasker (word?) and yes I can crochet without looking!! I'm a pro - haha! I also like to rock-climb, read and hold babies, (this sounds weird-let me clarify... I don't have any kids of my own but I love babies!! Let me know if you need a babysitter!)

Do you take part in activities or hobbies for your “me” time?
During most of my me time I crochet, I find that there is nothing better than watching one of my favorite shows and creating something special for someone! I just love it!!

What do these activities/hobbies mean to you?
I love to crochet because my nana taught me, so my nana crochets, my great grandma crochetted, and all the women before me did as well, so I guess for me it's a tradition that I don't want to stop with me! 

What do you do to ensure that you get your “me” time? i.e. do you wake up early or stay up late?
For me my me time happens when I'm home by myself with no homework or chores to finish. During the school year it is hard to find my me time but I have recently found out that summers rock and I find a very sufficient amount of me time! (:

How much does it mean to you to get time to yourself?
I love getting time to myself especially when it's crochetting. This may sound weird but, it's a pretty good stress reliever. I can just sit and think about things while having fun! (No, I'm not a grandma!)

How often do you get your “me” time?
As of May 24th I've gotten my me time quite often. Actually before I got a new job I hardly ever got my me time and was pretty stressed out.

Why do you think it is important for women to have that time to invest in something they enjoy?
It is so important to get your me time! SO SO important! Even if it's for a few minutes a day. Me time is important because its a huge stress reliever. There are so many things women deal with day to day and we all need a break from reality to refresh our selves!!

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