Thursday, September 8, 2011

Am I ready to be a KCL?!

KCL= Krazy Coupon Lady

Every heard of the show Extreme Couponing?
Well if you haven't then welcome to 2011!
It is the fad and so many people I know are couponing and saving TONS of money.

Now there are two different kinds of Extreme Couponers:
First there is the stocker which is pretty explanatory.
Someone who wants to build up a supply of foods and house hold goods.
Second there is the hoarder.
Yes, it is like the show Hoarding except with food and house hold goods.

So the type of 'Extreme Couponing" I want to do is stocking!
I know what you are thinking, you are just going to get out of control.
But I won't, here is the sitch...
An AWESOME co-worker has given me several websites to look into.
I have been checking them out and guys, you HAVE to get into this!
They show you how to get the best deals out there.
They also how to start couponing and the do's and don'ts.
And you save so much money!!

Don't call me crazy till you've tried it!

Here are the awesome websites that I have been searching:

The Krazy Coupon Lady - My Favorite
We Use Coupons
"The" Cents Able Shoppin -Arizona Specific

Get your Sunday paper ready and start your clipping!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Good luck to you! I used to be a KCL before it was "cool" a few years ago and I had a blast! I quit because for all the work I put into it I wasn't getting as much. The coupons aren't as good anymore and the stores have really cracked down and changed their coupon policies. BUT there are still deals to be had and I hope you have fun with it!!

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