Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Book Club [The Christmas Sweater]

I hope those of you that don't like Glenn Beck still gave this book a chance.
[I'm definitely not trying to get political on my blog]

I really liked the book and I had to head up the internet to see what really happened to his life. Because it is somewhat a true story!

Did the end trick you?!
Were you talking to Eddie like I was?!
"Dude, calm down, they are trying to help!"
"Maybe you should be nice to your mom, she has done so much for you!"
"Happy now?!"

This book was happy, funny, sad, and relieving.

I really enjoyed this read and hope you did as well!

How did you like the book?!
I want to know what yo liked and didn't!

Looking for a book to read next, any suggestions?!

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