Friday, June 3, 2011

My Adventure in Paris

Let me start off by saying this,
These pictures of pictures of pictures, why? 
Because when we were robbed my Paris memory card was in my camera! 
Yeah made me MAD!! 
But thankfully I got some printed! 

Graduated '07.
Nana {Grandma} asked me where I wanted to go for my graduation trip.
I chose Paris of course! 
So I was the lucky 18 year old girl who traveled to Paris with her Nana!
Let me just say we had so much fun!!

There was so much to do in that beautiful city! 
I learned my way around pretty fast! 
Tourist even thought I was a local!!
Not because I knew my way around but they said I had great fashion and walked like a model...
Boy did that boost my confidence. 
I sure would like to think so!
I love Paris and want to go back so bad! 
Lets take a look at some of my lovely pictures from the trip!

I don't believe I mentioned that our luggage was lost from Heathrow to Paris. Rather annoying and we had to go buy soap, tooth paste, and other things we couldn't carry on. 
Also this hair do and make-up is after a 13 hour flight so I think I look alright! (:

See those band aids on my feet?! 
I wasn't very smart and brought my high heeled flip flops... how dumb!
But I love the picture!

Arc de Triomphe on Ave Des Champs Elysees.

At Night the Eiffel Tower was so pretty!

He would only smile if you gave him money!

There are so many beautiful places in Paris, I'm telling you every picture I took looks like it belongs in a magazine! Love it!

Hopefully I will be able to get more pictures and download them a different way so the look real!!

Have you gone on a super fun trip outside the country?!
I wanna hear about it! 

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Vivian said...

These are great pictures. Paris is a spectacular city. Our luggage was also lost from NYC to Paris once..we never recovered it. Had all the baby's stuff. Luckily after months of fighting Air France was more than generous with our loss.

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