Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Summer Treat

This weekend was my brother's farewell open house. 
So you could say we were over at the fams helping get ready.
My mom makes the best treats! 
She is such a great cook!
Every time I think of strawberries I think of the awesome strawberry dip that my mom makes.
I'm sure it is a pretty common thing to make but, I haven't heard many people making it.
It doesn't have a name but when you tell my mom
"Hey can you make me that strawberry dip"
She knows what you are taking about.

The recipe is very simple.
It is a one to one ratio of 
cream cheese and marshmallow whip.
Just whip the two together, put them in the fridge over night and there it is, 
your delish strawberry dip!

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