Friday, July 13, 2012

my week in pictures

These posts might just be my favorite simply because they mean Friday which means the weekend! I live for the weekend! Late nights with Brand, date night, adventures, lazy days, reading good books, catching up on much needed sleep. Lost of times the weekends are filled with chores, but I guess that's just what happens when you grow up.  This week I didn't instagram much, I've noticed I take a lot of pictures of food, I think it's because I feel weird taking self portraits. How do you feel about self portraits? 

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// I was very excited to see this fortune, I hope it comes true! (: //
// who doesn't love chocolate chip pancakes? //
// my bumpa's birthday was yesterday, he would have been 77, passed away from lung cancer when he was 65, I was 12, I miss him SOOO much! //
 // my hair cut!! //

I was on pinterest this week just looking around and I found this great website:
Don't click the link unless you want to waist like 30 minutes (:

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Be kind to one another!!

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K. Davis said...

oh those pancakes look scrumptious, and your hair chop looks awesome! reminds me I need to get mine done!

this hive. said...

hi there!! newest follower to your blog :) so happy i stumbled here! i graduated from asu in 2010 and am currently a preschool teacher in phoenix! small world :) cant wait to read more from ya!

Anna Elder said...

Yum, those pancakes look so good.

My grandmother passed away when she was in her 60's and I was 12 from lung cancer. I miss her terribly. So sorry to hear about your grandpa.

Thanks so much linking up! Hope to have you again!

Brooke said...

I LOVE chocolate chip pancakes. They're the best way to start any morning. And send that fortune my way!

Also, I'm your newest follower. Thanks so much for linking up this week!

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