Thursday, July 12, 2012

awkward and awesome

welcome to awkward and awesome Thursday originally started by none other than the famous Sydney from the daybook blog. I hardly post about awkward and awesome things because they hardly ever happen to me, but over the past few weeks I have compiled a few things that are post worthy... well maybe they aren't...

- Looking at these pictures. You know, I had this great vision for this outfit, and maybe it looked cuter in person but, one thing is for sure.... NOT CUTE... Plus, I look so chubby!!

- Seeing someone at the store... "Hey girl! How's it going?! How have you been?!" All I get is a weird stare in response... hmmm maybe she has a twin?

- Blacking-out and falling down the stairs, still have a bruise and a kink in my knee to remember my little fall... Landing on your knees and then the palms of your hands from a step above, maybe that's not such a little fall. You know, maybe this was more hurtful than awkward.

- Not being able to find my words. Last week we were eating dinner with a few other people and I couldn't find the word I was looking for and I started to stutter. Where the heck did that come from?!

- Never thought a group of adults could laugh so hard at a loud 3 year old flatulent. Thank you young sir for being the highlight of the hour.

- Sitting in church on Sunday and the older lady in front of us starts to slope down in her seat, I wonder if I should tap her neighbor and warn her that the lady might fall on the floor and as I reach my hand out to do so the older lady wakes up, shuffles back into an upright position and falls back asleep.... really?!

- Seeing two women/friends/twins/sisters dressed the exact same, I kid you not... same hair do too!

- Three day weekend last week, I'm in love with three day weekends!

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Michelle said...

Great post!! Thanks so much for sharing and I am a new follower! I am visiting from the GFC blog hop and The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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