Friday, April 27, 2012

friday visit with friends

If we were to sit down and chat, maybe with a good healthy shake or a double chocolately-chip frappuccino in hand (from starbucks, that I just cannot get over and am currently craving...) I would first tell you to make yourself comfortable. If no one's comfortable we wont be able to relax!

So, now that you are relaxed and comfortable I would ask you about your week! How was it? Did you do anything new? How's your family? Friends? You? Sometimes it's just great to talk about yourself and let it all out, I would encourage it! (:

I'm sure you'd ask about mine, all of the above, I'd go on to tell you that my week flew by and that I am officially done with school this semester!! I cannot believe I will have three months to not worry about school! How great is that?!

Then I would tell you about how sore my arms are! I went rock-climbing again this week and I mastered some walls that I never thought I would! I really like rock-climbing! You should come with me sometime!

After we talk about our weeks and go on and on about our lives, I would tell you about our new health kick! It's been going pretty well and I would show you our new favorite recipes! My favorite is the pop-sickles, very natural and very good!

I also want to ask you your secret about blogging, do you have one?

I could go on and on picking your brain and talking because I like being with friends but I know your day is busy so until next friday when we visit again! Just so you know, I can't wait!

Check out Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings, I took some inspiration from here, okay maybe the idea (: she is so great ya know!

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Annie said...

Love this photo! Your hair looks so pretty, and love the stripes :)

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