Friday, March 30, 2012

You'd think I was attacked by a shark!

I'm going to warn you NOW!

Do not go any further down this page if you get nauseous when you see blood
or scabs,
scabs is such a gross word btw!
{let me tell you this, I uploaded these pictures and I got really nauseous!... maybe I shouldn't have posted about this.... hmmm.}

So for our honeymoon in '08 the hubs and I went on a cruise
and we loved it!
One of our stops was in Cabo San Lucas.
Let me just say this, it is a great place!
I loved it, the water was so clear that I was scared to get in because I could see the little fishes!

So, anyway, there is an island called
Lovers Island
that we boated over to.

Long story short husband decides to go on an adventure around the island and find the place where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Yes, right where they collide.
So that's where we go.

Just to the right of this beautiful area...
I'm walking along the sand that is slowly sinking, meaning the water is getting deeper, and big waves are coming....
(I think if my husband were telling this story he would tell it different meaning he would say I was a baby)
and so I freak out, and run over to the wall/barnacle infested wall because for some reason I feel safer over there.
But, no, a big wave comes and gets me and swallows me up.
Thankfully my husband was close because I seriously thought I was going to die!
And so did he!

Moral of the story,
don't run to the barnacle infested wall when you are in the ocean, you will loose the battle and your leg will soon look like this:

(keep in mind this is 2 weeks AFTER the accident! I wasn't brave enough to take pictures right after it happened.

A week later there is a story on the news about a lady who was swallowed up by a big wave but, her husband wasn't there to save her and she died. I know I was being watched over that day! Without a doubt!

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ErikaV said...

Oh Geez!! I'd probably have panicked and died, not gonna lie ;)

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