Monday, February 27, 2012

What I Wore: So much going on!

Cardi: F21, Shirt: DownEaset, Necklace: Simply Created, Jeans: Macy's, Shoes: Payless

This weekend was very eventful.
There were good moments and bad moments.
I think this might have been one of the most emotional weekends I have had in a while.

There are many things that I do not blog about.
I feel that there are too many people, that I personally know,
Who read my blog.
And I don't want them to wrongfully judge me.

I feel like is so much easier to open up to people I don't know
Because I feel like they wont judge me as much.
Do you ever feel that way?
Like talking to a complete stranger about things is so much easier?

Someday I hope to get it all off my chest and just let it all out.
Until then, I'll get my homework done and start working on other things.

Happy Monday everyone!

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