Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome to the World!

This weekend we stay-cationed at my families house.
At our little apartment we don't have tv and got the internet about a year ago. (been married for almost 3 years)
So you can bet when we were there we watched some tv and caught up with the world.
And we did!
This time I discovered HGTV.
Yes I discovered it.
Sure I watched it a little bit before we got married but I guess I never payed attention.
I love watching all the design shows and remodels.
I love the before and after pictures and the dramatic changes!
It makes me want to start some diy projects my self! (Not that I really can though!)

Here are some things I would like In my future home!

Love the open feel these windows give!

Love love love these vintage pillows! 

I've always loved these white kitchens! 

Yes, I also found pinterest.
I'm sure you all know what pinterest is if not come out from under that rock!
The other day I spent about half an hour looking at pictures and pinning them on my boards!
You guys have to check this stuff out!
I also found more things to make!
So far my favorite board is the crochet/knit.
There are so many inspiring pictures on pinterest and I have found projects to keep me very busy
Even though I already am busy enough!
Not even kidding, I just went over to pinterest to link you to my boards and I got totally distracted!!!
You can check out my pins HERE and check out some of the things that will be up in my shop soon!
Do you have a pinterest account?!
What are your favorite boards?!
Lets be friends!!

Happy Sunday!
Getting ready to create this beauty!
What do you think?!


Laura said...

Visiting from comment love Sunday. I adore that kitchen. And just learned to crochet, although I do not know how to read patterns yet.

Nursing Ninny said...

Great blog! I am also super busy, so as I know and signed up for pintrest I haven't visited much there. Maybe I will start tonight. Keep up the great work!

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