Monday, July 11, 2011

Anthropologie Inspired Bracelet

I was recently blog stalking and came across this awesome Anthropologie inspired bracelet! Let me just say it is super cute and I HAD to make one for my self!!


Aubree from Yellow Blackbird came up with this wonderful tutorial and I NEED to give her props because she does so many wonderful tutorials!
Now her tutorial is a little bit different than mine because I didn't use bangles or rhinestones.
You can always head over to her blog and see her tutorial with the rhinestones! It is super cute and she did a great job!

Now I'm going to show you how I did mine!

Things you will need:
Hemp - your choice of color (Walmart)
Scissors - (mom)
Tape (99 cent store)
Flat Surface
Button (SAS)
Yarn (Walmart)

First start by making a loop with the yarn. You will want the loop to be big enough for your button to fit into.
Make sure you secure the loop so it doesn't fall out.

 Next tape down the loop to your flat surface while the rest of the yarn makes a line going below the loop.
Tape the bottom part on the yarn to the flat surface as well. 

 Now take your hemp and find the middle.
You will place this at the top of the bracelet right under the knot you made. 
No we will start making the bracelet

Cross the left hemp sting over the yarn.
Cross the right hemp string over the left hemp string creating a 4.

(I tried for a long time to get this pictures to rotate but it kept uploading this way even though  I took it the other way! So annoying! Sorry!!)

Pull the right end under the yarn and through the loop.

Pull it tight
You have made the first knot!

Now you do the same steps but opposite
Cross the right hemp string over the yarn

Cross the left hemp string over the right hemp string creating a 4.

Pull the left hemp string under the yarn and through the loop.

Pull it tight.
You have made the second knot!

Repeat these steps till you reach the length you want. 

When you have reached the length you want tie a double knot in then end of your bracelet with your hemp and your yarn. 

Next you will need to attach your button to the hemp strings, pull the hemp strings through the button holes and make sure the button is secure. When you know the button is secure you can cut the remaining hem and yarn off. 

Put your bracelet on and then you are done! 
Super cute and super easy to make!!

Email me if you have any questions or are having problems!!


Cerrisse said...

I have been wanting to make a bracelet like this! Thanks for the post :)

ashley said...

i LOVE your etsy shop, so many great pieces in there. i'm pr/giveaway friendly if you were ever interested in having me host one for you---you're store is too awesome not to be shown off =)

have a great day!

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