Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am A Slacker!

I recently have become a blog slacker
I find my time being put doing the following;
 writing letters, hanging out with the hubs, making sure the house is clean, job searching, trying to come up with ideas for headbands, finishing orders, trying to keep up with my other 3 blogs, working, is my list over yet?
Anyways I know we all are busy and we all just want to relax and have fun!
and last night was no different!
I decided "hey, I can't neglect my super sweet husband and say no to watching a movie with him.
Especially The Count of Monte Cristo."
Very good movie for sure!
So that is what I did last night,
I knew I needed to blog, I needed to clean the house but I had better plans!

Although I truly cannot handle the first part of the movie it is pretty good! (:


Jen said...

I just found you through the blog hop and wanted to say hi! Don't feel bad, nothing beats movie nights with loved ones!

Chels said...

Girl I feel you about the lack of time to blog... or just not doing it :)

And I just watched that movie last night, so good!!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Nicole said...

visiting via Comment Love. Cute blog. And don't feel bad, but I haven't been blogging either! lol Happy Sunday!

Kristy said...

Found you through Comment Love. Cute Blog! LOVE the stuff in your shop!!

Ross said...

I'm having the same trouble trying to find time to blog. The Count of Monte Cristo is a good movie but the book is great!

Nicole Hunter said...

LOVE that movie! You're good at keeping up with everything! Don't be too hard on yourself! Love all your cute stuff and you always look super cute!

Alyssa said...

You girls are all so sweet!! Thanks for your lovely comments!

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