Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Getting Together With Old Friends

We all know the saying about how true friends
{the funny thing is I can't think of the exact quote right now and it is bugging me!!}
Before my husband and I got married we had friends!
{another funny thing because now we don't hang out with friends!}
We would hangout all the time
We had 'names' for people we thought were creeps
We had inside jokes
We had girls nights where we would get our toes done or go out to dinner
We made silly music videos to our favorite songs
We had so much fun!

Now that we are married off and have out own 'lives' it's hard to get together.
Every so often when we do get together and go out to dinner!
We chat it up and have so much fun!
I love having friends I can talk to and hang out with!
And It feels we still see each other all the time because we just click right back together!!

These are the friends I can truly count on and go to if I have questions or just need someone to talk to! 
I love true friends!

very bad quality but I think you get the jist! 
(we were dressing up... not our real attire!)

No I did not ask permission from either parties to use these pictures! But they are great so I hope they don't mind! 

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