Friday, May 13, 2011

iPic Theaters {Our Free Date Night}

Last night the hubs and I went to the iPic Theater.
Never heard of iPic you say?

Well lets just say that it is this
really trendy,
really chic,
really comfy,
 really awesome
movie theater!
I’m not kidding!

When you check in to get your movie tickets it looks like you are checking into a hotel!
This is not your regular movie theater!
This is totally high end!
How did we afford to pay for these expensive tickets you ask?
Well, hubs won them from a radio station here in the valley!

When you are in fancy places do you ever feel like you shouldn’t be taking pictures?!
That’s totally how I felt last night! I was like uhh am I allowed to be doing this?!
So this “movie theater” was great!
The seats were super comfy just like a great big comfy couch.
And if you pay more you can even get a chair that reclines that comes with a pillow and a blanket!!!
Did I mention we got food when we were in there?!

All I’m saying is that it was such a great trip!
If you have lots of money burning a hole in your pocket I recommend going to the iPic Theater!!
Check out the video of the place too!
{We didn’t go to the bar part, even though we were allowed, we just hung out in the other room!}


 Hello delicious sliders!

Wanna learn more?!
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