Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Homemade Ice Cream Takes How Long to Make?!

Ya know, whenever you ask your parent or grandparent about their childhood you always get the same story.

Back in their day they walked to school uphill both ways.
They worked the fields,
They grew their own food.
When they wanted special treats they had to make those too!
              {this includes ice cream}
They didn't have the luxuries like we do today.
They really did go through a lot!

So not that we worked hard for this little treat we made but, it was interesting to see how they would have gone about making something like making ice creamThe process was long and tedious. 

Isn’t it crazy that you can make your own ice cream?!
And in order to make it you need a certain amount of each ingredient to make it really work!
The flavor ice cream we made was Reese’s Pieces!
Boy was it yummy!
Have a look for yourself!

Doesn't that just look delish?!

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1 comment:

Sarah said...

That seriously looks AMAZING! I tried making ice cream once when I was a kid, but I gave up pretty quick because it took too long - but I love that you made Reese's Pieces ice cream! So jealous! It must be so delicious :D

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