Saturday, May 21, 2011

Graduation Look Back!

It’s that time of year!
Graduation time!

Do you have a special graduation song like I do?!
Maybe Graduation by Vitamin C?!

Remember when you graduated?!
I do! But for the most part I remember when everyone else's graduation ceremony.
I remember when my younger brothers graduated from Middle School and High School, when my Husband graduated from College, and When my BILs and SILs graduated too!!

The hubs!

My BIL Bradley
Very bad quality because we were far away!

My Brother
{these two graduated from the same school the same year! pretty fun!}

My youngest brother who didn't want to take this picture!

Being a graduate of something give you such a special feeling of accomplishment!  You know that you worked so hard for something and you finally got acknowled for it!

I remember getting my High School Diploma!
What a wonderful day that was!
You see I hated High School!
{with a passion!}
I had a lot of friends but I have always been mature for my age and they just weren’t on the same level as me.
I especially remember graduating from High School because I got to go on THREE vacations in one summer!

First I went with my Family to California.
Then, I went with my Nana (grandma) to PARIS!
And Last, I went with my Family to New York!!
You could say it was an awesome summer!

Do you remember when you graduated?
Did you do anything special?!

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