Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Friends Day Wednesday!!

Are you ready to see some awesomeness?!
I sure hope so!
Today we are talking about Chrissy from Boerman Rambelings & SimplyCreated!
On Monday my hubs sent me a little text that made my day!
It said "Lyss, guess what you got in the mail?!"
Right then I KNEW I got this SUPER cute necklace Chrissy sent over!! 

Wanna see it?!?

As soon as I got it I put it on and said...
"Lets go take pictures!!"
{my hubs is such a sweet guy he takes all my wonderful pictures!!}

Oh and I also wore it to work today and got like a gazilion compliments!! 

Like it?!?!

I do!!
It is a super hot super inexpensive Anthro-Knock off!! 
Like it so much that you want it?!?! 
You NEED to check out Chrissy's Etsy Shop! 

Wanna know the totally AWESOME thing about Chrissy?!?!
She is going to give my readers a 15% off discount?!
Wait... Hold up 15% off! 
Guys this is like stealing! 

Enter the code MODACHIC to get 15% off!!!

Check out some of her other Chic Accessories!

And this Cutie the Bree Anthro Inspired Rosette

And Hello Jessica White Anthro Inspired Necklace that I am coveting!! 

Get a move on to Chrissy's Etsy shop SimplyCreated and to her Blog
She is totally awesome!!


Wanna be a sponsor like Chrissy?!! 
Email me at 

1 comment:

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

love you...the necklace looks great on you. glad you liked it!

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