Saturday, January 15, 2011

Link Party With LMM! The Pom Pom Necklace!

I found this super cute tutorial for a Pom Pom Necklace at Little Miss Momma and wanted to show off the one I made!!

Here is where you NEED to go to see her tutorial and make one of your own!
And here is how I made mine!

Supplies you need;
Fabric Scissors
Your favorite color fabric
Hot Glue Gun

First you will need to cut out your circles. 
You will need 5 Felt circles and 
7 fabric circles for every felt circle you have
total:  35

Second you will need to take your fabric and scrunch it.
Soon you will have a full Pom Pom.
{For the necklace I made 5}
Then take your necklace and hot glue the ends of the chain to the two end flowers.

And here you have it!!
love it!

Little Miss Momma is so smart! She also has another tutorial at the same link! I think I'm going to make that one too!!
The headband pom pom tutorial.
The Anthropologie Inspired Necklace.

Have Fun!


Lia B said...

Love the colors you used on your necklace. Found you through LMM.

Jenna said...

I found your blog from Vintage Wannabee's slumber party linky party and am your newest follower! I too check my blog, alot, hoping that people read it. I too LOVE chocolate lava cake. And I too LOVE Anne of Green Gables! :)

Alyssa said...

Jenna! That's awesome! We have a lot in common!!! Thanks for following! and Good Luck in the Give Away!!

Kelsie Lynn said...

Was looking through your old posts and I am in love with this necklace! You should sell them on your etsy shop

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