Thursday, July 5, 2012

what did you do on your day off work?

Since yesterday was a holiday lots of Americans had work off. I wasn't one of them but I do get Friday off! Yay for a three day weekend!
Yesterday in good ol' AZ we got some rain! Finally! I think the last time we had that much rain was back in November! So you can bet that we had some really great weather after those rain clouds passed by. Brand and I went to the park and just hung out we wanted to swing but apparently other kids decided to be stupid on them and the city took them down. Now there are only baby swings and these hips of mine DEFINITELY don't fit in those swings!  And of course for lunch we had hot dogs!!  Of course RIGHT?! We started a new tradition this year, before the fireworks went off Brand read The Declaration of Independence. I think it's a great new tradition!

 Don't mind me, I'll still try and swing with my red icee in hand! 

Pretty cool what you can do with sparklers!! 
Hope you had an awesome 4th!!


Sammantha said...

I can't believe you didn't get yesterday off! But, I'm super jealous you get all day Friday off, I need a three day weekend myself!

Just found you - and love you!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Sparklers + camera is the grown up way to participate in fireworks :)

Alissa F said...

I feel bad that I have been complaining about getting off yesterday, I can't believe you didn't get it off. Love that last shot of the sparkler star!

Erin said...

Very sweet!

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