Friday, July 27, 2012

my week in pictures: a little bit of an overload

I took A LOT of pictures this week! I hope it isn't too much for you but I guess I had a lot of things that happened this week. Or, I just took a lot of pictures of what I was doing. I hope you all had a great week and that you enjoyed your time with family friends or whoever you were with! It was a good week for me, I just feel like the days are going by so fast! Anyways, checkout my pictures and you can follow me on instagram @lyssadawson

/ can you believe this is my nana's car? /
 / i started reading my Anne of Green Gables series, i think i'm on page 5 haha! /
 / Brand and I had a little photoshoot while we were parked at a light waiting to see The Dark Knight Rises / 
 / figuring out my school classes, my advisor likes to just put the course numbers... rude! /
 / i got more awesome pictures of my blankets this week! fyi-i might be giving a blanket away soon... /
 / it actually rained /
 / Brand's birthday was last week and i decorated the apartment for him! /
 / cute little ducks, do you like the mohawk of the guy on the left? /
/ is is weird that our library cards have pictures on them? I had like 9 to choose from! /

Have an awesome weekend lovely friends!! Make sure to come back next week for the giveaway (:

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BeaumontGirl said...

Love your blog! I am your newest follower :)

Steph And Laura said...

I love random photo shoots:) those pictures are cute! And surprised your nana drives a bug!
Laura @

Anna Elder said...

Haha, what a cute car. I hated when my advisor would just put the course #s. Always took forever to figure it out. I wish we would get some rain here! Have a great week.

Brooke said...

Love all of these! Figuring out classes can be no fun, but seriously I love your Nana's car haha.

Tahanks for linking up!

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