Sunday, July 22, 2012

happy sunday i've got a new url!

A lovely photo shoot done in the car... we were bored waiting! haha! 

Happy Sunday everyone! I love Sunday because I get to hang out with Brand! It's the one day of the week that we get to be together all day! And I love it!
So, I've decided to change my url. My current url was good at the beginning, because that is what my etsy store was called. but now I have moved onto better things. So if you could please head over to my new url: and follow me there. I will be posting on both while the change is still new! I hope you all continue to stay around because I love all the comments you share with me! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


Jenn @ PSP said...

Followed! : )

Allyson Butler said...

Visiting from the blog hop; your blog is too cute! Definitely a new follower!

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