Thursday, June 14, 2012

i whip my hair back and forth

just look at those nasty dead ends!! gross!! 

Okay, so my hair has gotten very long. (To be exact it is about 4 inches past the middle of my back, this picture doesn't really show it.) Want to know something gross? I haven't had a hair cut in over six months! That's bad!! There is a very good reason why I haven't gotten my hair cute yet, well... I think it's a very good reason. You see, my hair dresser moved away!! The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this is horrible situation I find my self in is HOW RUDE! Second I remember all the horrible hair cuts that I have gotten at the 'major hair cutting stores' and I don't want to go back! No, I can't go back! Remember those awkward years when you hid behind your hair -oh wait, was that just me?? And by hiding I mean having bangs! haha! I remember one time someone cut my bangs so short I looked like a weird'o. I'm mean just google images 'short bangs' and you can get a glimpse at what I had to deal with! It wasn't a pretty sight. Anyways, I hope to gain courage to get my hair cut soon. It's so long right now that I really shouldn't be worried, everyone always says "it will always grow back." They are right, in a way! (:


Erin said...

You can do it! One night, I randomly got someone to cut my hair from as long as yours to a pixie cut. Talk about being brave! I'm sending lots of positive energy your way!

Em;) said...

I have always had REALLY long hair. Then I saw your hair, with all thous gorgeous layers in it! Seeing how cute it looks, I had lots of layers cut in mine and I love it!! Thank you for having long hair with layers for me to see and get the notion of cutting mine!! I think you would look super cute with any hair cut! It does grow back really fast!!

ending this long comment,

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