Tuesday, May 15, 2012

a tasty snack for a healthy.... back?? : popsicle recipe

Obviously I tried to rhyme this post title not sure it actually makes sense because this isn't just for a healthy back it's for a healthy body but your back holds up your body so maybe this makes sense! (notice I didn't put any punctuation in this because I was rambling) hehe! So lately I've noticed LOTS of people have been eating healthy! This is great! I'll have to admit about a month ago Brand and I decided we wanted to eat healthy too! I wanted to share this really great recipe with you that is so simple and tastes so good!

In Arizona it is getting pretty hot, if you follow me on instagram (@lyssadawson) you will see that I posted a picture of our 5 day forecast and it was not a very pretty sight, 106 by the end of the week. So we like popsicles!

What you need:
Any fruit of your choice, I have
and strawberries.
Lemonade (we use the Great Value Lemonade mix, with minimal amounts of sugar!)
Popsicle holders... (what do you call those things?!) haha!

What you do:
Put slices of your fruit in the popsicle holders, and then poor the lemonade in.
Once you are done put it in your freezer and they will be ready the next day!
It's pretty simple!

I get lots of my recipes from the Undressed Skelton, she is great! (And I'll be back with more next week!)


Dania said...

thses look so good!!


Cami said...

I remember doing these as a kid - we used OJ instead...I can't remember if we did lemonade or not :)

Thanks for linking everything up..you are wonderful <3

DebbieDoesCreations said...

I loved making homemade popsicles as a kid. I need to make them with my kiddos. Thanks so much for sharing at Toot Your Horn Tuesday :)

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