Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I Wore: A Cindy Lou Event

Blazer: Mom, Shirt: Old Navy '06, Jeans: Macy's, Belt: (Don't remember), Necklace: F21, Bracelet: Vintage, Boots: Ross

So, I though I would spice things up and do my hair a little different for this one. 
Only to have this happen:

Me: Hey Brand how was work?
Brand: Good what you doing?
(my hair is all crazy because I was trying to follow sydney's tutorial!)
Me: Oh just trying to do my hair really cute like Sydney - Acting like she is my best friend.
Brandon: Oh okay.

(minutes later when I'm done)

Brandon: Hi Cindy Lou Hoo!
Me: *Sad face. How rude. I'm trying to do my hair like Sydney, she looks cute when she does it! 

So everyone. I will not be doing this hair style because apparently I look like Cindy Lou Hoo! 
I was even locked out of the house until I admitted it! HA!
Oh boy! 

Well happy Wednesday! 


Aubree said...

You look sooo cute! Visiting from WIWW.

Bethany Reine' said...

oh, i LOVE the hair! i think it looks great with your outfit, too! said...

I think it looks cute and I, too, act as if Sydney is my bff.

Katie said...

i think it looks adorable! i wish i had longer hair so i could do it. and i love your etsy shop! such cute things!!

robyn devine said...

cindy lou who or not, it's a cute hair style! and from someone surrounded by snow right now, to be able to pull my hair up without freezing ... i'm loving it!

Wendy Mac said...

Cute hair!! Love those boots too!!


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