Monday, January 30, 2012

The Reason We May Never Know

Cardi: F21, Shirt: DEB, Skinnies: Macy's, Necklace: Armani, Bracelet: Vintage, Shoes: Coach, Earrings: CR

Have you ever wondered why things happen?
Do you believe they happen by chance or maybe there is a reason they happen?

I am a believer of reason.
There are reasons we meet the people we do,
Reasons for the friendships we make with them,
These reasons we may never know.
Maybe they teach us something special
That we need to understand
Maybe they teach us a new trait
That we will need to know for our future.
Have you ever thought about it?

Have you ever wondered why different things happen at different times?
Like, maybe all these bad things are meant to bless you
They are meant to uplift you and they are
For your greater good?
Maybe you are better off because of them?

I have been blessed by so many things this year.
My faith has continued to be strengthened
My eyes have become more open
and I am more in tune with the reasons.

I am grateful for the trials that have already blessed my life.
I believe 2012 is going to be a great year for blessings and
Eye opening situations.

Momma Go Round


Rebekah Markewich said...

Love the sweater!

Nicole Hunter said...

Beautiful as always! And I'm really loving the new look of the blog!

Sarah said...

I LOVE this outfit - the flats absolutely make it SO adorable!

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