Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

That's right, for the past 3 Harry Potter movies me, my husband, and my brothers have gone to the midnight showing!
Yes it is sweet!
Let me just say that I am not a freak like some of the people who go and maybe I like to go to the midnight showing to see the freaks, it is a plus!
Last night was definitely no exception!
There were so many people in costume I kind of felt left out!
Let me give you an update on the was great! If you read the book there are things that were left out (of course) and somethings were different but I loved it and I wan't to go see it again!

A lot of these pictures of of the hubs with the characters, He went out to take pictures while I held down the fort!


Professor Trelawney

 George and Fred

Gandalf, not Dumbledore

Voldemort and a Death Eater

Great seats, great fun, great movie! 
Highly recommended! 

Did you see Harry Potter Part 2?! Are you going to?!

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Natalie said...

I know what you mean! I was there last night too and it was crazy!! :) I loved it and I loved the movie. Cried like a baby! :) So worth being exhausted at work today! I want to go watch it again :)

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