Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July

Happy 4th! 
What a great day the 4th of July is! 
Celebrating America's Independence and remembering all the people who fought for our Freedom!
For the fourth of July I'd say we started if off right with some manual labor! 
The hub's car tire went flat as we were driving to get some hot bagel!
Darn it!! It was very interesting to see how many people cam out and tried to help us, let me tell you, there were a lot of Good Samaritans! So shout out to those of you who helped us! 

After superman (the hubs) fixed the tires we headed to a church breakfast even though we were and hour late. 
We still had fun! 
Our DAY was filled with fun! We went to our favorite pizza place... Barros!
So yummy!
Then we went home and watched a movie and made our own movie theater!
Thank you RedBox Free Movie First Monday!
Then we went and had MORE PIZZA with the fam and went to see fireworks!
What a great fourth! 

Oh and Sunday it was 119!



You can now light fireworks in Arizona.... sometimes I wonder why they allowed this. 

I took other pictures but not everyone was ready for them and I don't want to post them (: 

Hope everyone's fourth went well!!

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