Saturday, June 18, 2011

What I Wore

Hello people! 
How is your weekend going so far?! 
Let me just say mine has been emotional, tiring, and fun all at the same time! 
So weird!
I know I haven't done a WIW post in a long time with all my busyness so here I am FINALLY 
with a new WIW! And I really like the top! 
Let me just tell you I am a bargain shopper. 
I feel bad if I buy any piece of clothing that is over $15.
So sometimes shopping with me isn't fun. 
Lucky me went to Target and got a great bargain!!  
Ladies, they have a great clearance selection and I recommend looking around!

(I like this picture because it makes my legs look skinny!)

Tank: Target
Cardi: Target
Belt: Forever 21
Capris: Macys
Shoes: Fossil
Pearls: Grandma
Necklace: Moda Chic

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Have a great weekend!!


Opal Stevens said...

so cute :)!

Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com said...

SUPER cute! Love me some bargains. I almost bought that same belt at Forever21. Twinners. ;)

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