Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wee Bit Wednesday

Hello lovely ladies! How has your week been? 
Ready for this three day weekend?!
I know I am! But in a way I’m not.
Can we just fast forward 2 years so I don’t have to go through all this?!
Anyways, here is my Wee Bit Wednesday Q’s and A’s!


{one} what’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
I never really dated. My first date was to Prom and then my next date was my first date with the hubs!

{two} if you could be any other person for one day, who would it be?
Great question because I have wanted to be in someone else’s shoes… I’d say Hilary Duff. But, only because I want to know what it is like to be followed around and wear awesome clothes and always look super cute!

{three} what is your favorite kind of cheese?
Provolone!!  This is very recent too!!

{four} do you remember your 1st grade teacher?
Of course! I think everyone will remember their elementary school teachers! They are the best!!

{five} who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
The hubs of course!

{six} were you ever in a school talent show?
Not in a talent show but in a play. I was the shyest kid in class and didn’t want to be in the play so they made me the bear who had one like “Rawrrrr!” and I refused to even say that!!!

{seven} who is your favorite fictional character?
Anne of Green Gables of course!

{eight} can you open your eyes underwater?
I can but don’t like to.

{nine} do you look at the keyboard when you type?
Nope. I’m good with the keyboard.

{ten} when was the last time you took a nap?
I don’t like taking naps so I’d say when I was younger. I feel like it wastes my day!


Still looking for Friends for Wednesdays Posts!!

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