Saturday, April 30, 2011

From AZ to RP The Final Chapter

I am finally getting around to posting my Final Chapter of Mexico. 
I can't believe my week there is over! 

Here was what the end of my week there looked like. 

Went to church with the Fam.
Got a heat rash {which totally ruined the rest of the the trip}
Had some delish Pasqua dinner. 
{Pasqua means Easter in Spanish}
Went to the Aquarium 
Spend time updating the blog
Watched the Fam play Kemps
Watched the sunset
Built a fire pit
and spent more time with the fam

Woke up and sat out on the porch
wanted to tan but couldn't because my heat rash 
But still went out on the beach!
Went shopping!
Went to Mare Blue with the hubs! 
{this delish Italian restaurant}

Woke up and sat out on the porch
{knowing it was my last morning on the beach for a while}
Went inside and wrote my BIL on DearElder! 
{love him and miss him!}
Spent time with the hubs
Packed up
Said good bye to Casa De La Buena Vida
Went to Super Ley
and Choya Mall 
to pick up some last minute things
and headed back home!

We had so much fun in Rocky Point! 
And cannot wait to go back!!
Iglesia on Sunday

Me on the beach! 
Like my floppy hat?!

Do you see this Sea Lion?! 
He is MASSIVE!! 
Mare Blue
{I wasn't ready for the picture!}

 Hasta luego casa!

 Such beautiful sunsets!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

What a great trip! I love the hat - so cute! And, that sea lion looks SO creepy - his eyes are so scary! But, the ice cream looks delicious :D So happy you're having fun!

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