Monday, April 25, 2011

From AZ to RP Day Three and Four!

It is Sunday and I am a little bit behind with this blog!
I totally thought I would be able to do a post a day but it turns out that 
all I want to do is sit on the beach and TAN! 
Now I'm not as golden brown as I would like to be and I still have a couple more days to work 
on it but I am pretty happy so far!
I did get a sunburn on my feet 
{even though I put mounds of sunblock on them!}

It seems like the days have been rolling together and I don't remember what days I 
did what! We have done a lot of fun things this trip and we are really having fun!

Thursday I know we went to "Super Ley" 
{the local grocery store where my one year of Spanish really comes in handy!}
At the grocery story they sell fresh fish and boy is it nasty lookin'!

I was really grossed out and didn't want to take this picture! 
Doesn't this gross you out?!

We also went shopping!

We also ate Churros!

Ate Tacos at the Malacon!

Saw a random castle house! 

{Sunset as we were driving into town!}

And of Course...

hung out on the beach!
I so don't want this relaxation to end!! 

1 comment:

Kate Weber said...

This entire trip just looks beautiful! The photos are so lovely! I'm glad you're having fun!

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