Friday, April 15, 2011

Awkward & Awesome!

I have noticed when I do these posts that my life is more awesome than awkward

This IN NO WAY means my life is always awesome, just that I don't find my self in many awkward situations I guess. 
This is kind of a good thing but, it would be better if I was more awkward because 
it would make for a great read!!

Hope you all had a great week and are ready for this weekend! 
Because it is here!!

We have family in town that the hubs has never met. Sitting at the counter eating delish cake my mom made he turns to me and goes so what’s her name again? I tell him the name that I thought he was asking for and it ends up it was someone else’s name. Everyone kind of brushed it off but we were sitting in silence for a good 5 seconds! HA! Poor guy!

Had family in town that I haven’t seen since my junior maybe even sophomore year of high school
Trying on swimsuits for Mexico and come to find out that I have lost enough weight to fit into my swim bottoms from JUNIOR year! Yes you have no idea how excited I was about that!
My hubs letting me buy a cute mexico outfit
Taking my BIL out to dinner – he leaves on the 20th for his mission in Brazil.
My youngest brother turned 16 on Wednesday! So weird!


Check out the next post!! 
It's a GIVEAWAY!!!
Super cute too!!
Next week starting Thursday I will be doing posts about the beach! 
Maybe even a linky party!! 

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