Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Love For Blogging

Unlike certain bloggers out there
I don’t have all day and night to update my blog.

I work form 730am till 4pm
I deal with angry people day in and day out.
{sure there are some happy ones that brighten my day}
But this my friends is a rarity

Did I mention I am also going to school?!
I am currently 2 classes away from my Associates Degree!
Can you say hallelujah!?
4 Flippin’ years later!!

So… you could say I am a pretty busy woman!!

But I love blogging
It’s my therapy in a way!
There are 3 Major things I LOVE about blogging

I LOVE getting comments from you all!!

{Seriously though who doesn’t LOVE Comments?!}
It is my favorite when I check my email and see that I have people
commenting on my tutorials or
entering my giveaways!  (one coming soon!!!)
It truly helps me have a happy day!

The next thing I love about blogging is my FOLLOWERS!

You girls are AWESOME!
You make me want to post interesting things every day!!
You make me want to find the most awesome tutorials to share with you!
I LOVE having Followers from ALL Over the World!!!

The 3rd thing I LOVE about blogging is stalking other people!
I don’t do it much because I don’t have that much time on my hands!
But I love looking at every ones tutorials, etsy shops and babies
(some day I’ll have one of those!}

So here is a shout out to YOU!! My FAVORITE Bloggers 
out there!!

You girls are so awesome!!

I will be posting what we are giving away soon and here is a little hint...


KY said...

Stopping by from FTLOB! I am impressed you keep your etsy store, blog, work and go to school! Keep up the wonderful work and keep your head above water :) Happy Friday :)

Angel said...

Beautiful ladies! Love what you guys have going on here. I LOVE those yellow scarfs up there!

Alyssa said...

KY- Thanks for the words of encouragement!! I need them sometimes!
Angel- Thanks so much! They are very beautiful!

Erin said...

I'm so glad that you blog! Your blog posts always brighten my day!

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