Sunday, January 30, 2011

Embellishing a Baby Onesie

 I have been wanting to do this tutorial for sometime now! 
It's a super cute/super easy way to turn your plain baby onesie into a 
chic baby onesie! 

Here is the finishing result!

Supplies you will need:
Onesie/Tee Shirt
Pink & Green Ribbon 
2 Rhine stones
Glue Gun

First, take your pink ribbon and fold it as the picture shows.

Take your needle and fasten the loop/fold you just made. 
{make sure you fasten the loop tight so it doesn't come apart}

You will continue to fallow these steps until you have completed your flower.
{My first flower has 10 petals}

The number of flowers you want will determine the number of time you repeat these steps. 
{I made 2 flowers}

{sorry it's a little blurry}

Now lets work on the stems.
Take your green ribbon and place it where you want the stem to start. Then fasten the tip of the green ribbon to the onesie with your needle and thread.

Bunch the ribbon so it looks like the picture below. Keep sewing to attach and keep bunching to create the look you want. 

When you have finished both stems you then need to fasten the pink flowers to the onesie. 

Then hot glue the rhinestone to the flower and you are done!

Congratulations! You just completed your Embellished Baby Onesie!

Any suggestions for the next Tutorial?!


Sherri said...

What an awesome idea! I love it! I'm thinking I'm going to have try that out! Thanks for sharing:) Visiting on comment love day! Enjoy your sunday!

posidanielle said...

Those are so adorable! I have a newborn to buy for and I was thinking of making her something! Thank you for the sweet tutorial! i hope you have a beautiful day!

Night Owl Mama said...

You are so creative that is adorable.
We won't be having any more babies around here but that certainly is cute
thanks for sharing

stopping by for comment love
hope you'll do the same

Jodi Lebrun said...

Oh, so cute! I've got a little girly 9 month old that I'd love to try this on! Came from FTLOB and am following you now and I added your etsy shop to my faves!

Desiree & Jameson Hunter said...

So cool! Can you do a design for a boy onsie?

By the way, I added your link to my photography blog.
Your stuff is is way cute!

Misty said...

Cute! I'm a new follower from the Sassy Sites Blog Hop! I would love a follow back :) It would be awesome if you could also follow me on Networked Blogs & Facebook too! You could also stumble my blog if you like :-)

Thanks, Misty

Shalyn said...

That is so cute and your blog is SO CUTE! Love that idea!

Alyssa said...

You all are so sweet!! Thanks! And keep your eyes peeled for my next tutorial!!

Nicole Hunter said...

This turned out super cute! Thanks for sharing!

Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing!

Kandy said...

So, cute!!! Thanks!!!
Found you via FTLOB "Who's Crafty"

well-to-do said...

Love it! You're so cute and talented. I'm a new follower!

Suz from Well to Do

Ashley said...

love these! cant wait to try

Anonymous said...

Can you design something similar for adults?

Tammy @ she wears flowers said...

This is so adorable!

Mary/"Special K" said...

Hello! I'm new to your blog, visiting because of Comment Love Day! I LOVE this onesie idea - I must do this for my niece! Thank you! :)

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