Sunday, August 14, 2011

What I Wore {New Blisters New Attitude}

I feel like lately all I have been doing are the WIW posts.
I guess I just have a boring life!
Not the case!
So tomorrow is a new day for me!
Excited for several different reasons!
Most excited to talk/get a voice mail from my bro!
{might not be able to answer the phone at work}
Second excited for work!
Ready for the new beginning and I'm actually excited to go!

I've been looking for fun things to crochet and I'm really liking the stuffed animals!
Right now I am working on a giraffe!
{pictures soon!}
Oh and remember that pretty yellow necklace I pinned the other day?!
I made one! Yes! I will show you a picture and in future post! I really like it! Might be up in my Etsy soon!

 Pants: Macys, Shoes: Target,  Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch, Cardi: TjMaxx, Braclete: Gifted, 
Necklace: My Grandma's Locket

I tried French braiding my hair! The hubs said it looked good right after I did it! 
It was pretty hard to keep my layers in there too!

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1 comment:

toocrewel said...

Cute outfit! I love the pink sweater. I have really, really, short hair now, but when it was long I always wished I could french braid my own hair. I never could, so I just stuck with doing others :)

Happy Comment Love Day!

Liesi @ Too Crewel

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