Sunday, July 17, 2011

What I Wore {My Future College?!}

Not sure if any of you know this but my main educational goal is to be an elementary school teacher.
You do know that I have finishes my Associates! And now I want to move on to a University.
Now there are only two problems.
1. Are we going to be living in Arizona for the next two or three years?
2. How should we pay for this without taking out loans?

I think they are legit problems that I don't know the answer for yet.
It is very possible that I will attend ASU but for now I can't 100% plan on it!

So this location is in memory of my education goal... ASU I'm after you!
I have realized that I am definitely into these shirts! You can wear them big or you can wear them small and put a little belt on there!

T-Shirt: Target
Shirt: TjMaxx
Pants: Macy's 
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: CTR ring
Bracelet: Moda Chic
Sunglasses: Rocky Point


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Alida said...

Hope it works out for you!

TexaGermaNadian said...

Good luck with everything, I am sure it will all work out :) Cute top, btw. Stopped over from FTLOB and hope you are having a great Sunday!

Sarah said...

Stop. Adorable. Seriously. Love that you did them at your future school too! So cute! TJ Maxx and Target are my favorite places to shop in the whole world!

Nicole Hunter said...

Cute outfit! You look awesome! Miley LOVES her new headband that you made! SO CUTE! Thank you!!

Modern Wivelyhood said...

Cute outfit! Good idea to put your CTR ring on your necklace! Visiting from RMRS

scox8 said...

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scox8 said...

Cute shirt!! I love that you can pull it off while it's open and flowy, I always have to wear belts with those kinds of tops! Love it! :)

The Tiny Team said...



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